Abstracts for the congress will only be sent via Online Abstract Submission Module. Applications by written form, e-mail, fax and other methods will not be accepted.
The acceptance of abstracts on the website will continue until March 4, 2018. For those abstracts which are submitted by the authors but not sent to the scientific committee yet can be modified regarding their content and authors or can also be completely withdrawn if requested by the submitter.

For publication of abstracts at the abstract book, at least one of the authors must register for the congress. Each author registered for the congress can submit max two Works for one registration, for more than two pieces of work one has to pay 100 TL for each abstract.

All evaluation processes related to the abstracts can be tracked via the system with the e-mail and password of the user. In order to avoid any problems, please read the rules for filling out the abstract submission form very carefully and pay attention to the following rules.

  • Abstracts will be sent as Oral presentation or E-Poster.
  • Abstracts must be written both in Turkish and English. Oral and E-poster presentations can be done in Turkish or English.
  • The max aloocated time for Oral Presentations will be 7 mins. The moderator/s are have right to finalize the presentation at the end of the time period. For this ocassion, the presenters are recommended to use the time effectively focusing on the indications and results.
  • The Oral Presentations are supposed to be controlled and uploaded to the presentation system from the speaker ready room at least 2 hours prior to the presentation time.
  • The E-Posters could be prepared in Turkish or English. The abstracts are to be submitted and they should be in English.
  • The E-posters will be displaed on the plasma screens at the day and time that will be declared to the presenters. The presenters should be present at the specified time for presentiong their E-Posters for 5 minutes for the E-Posters to be evaluated. The presenters are recommended to use the time effectively focusing on the indications and results.
  • Abstracts should be classified according to specified topics and types (Case, Review, and Research).
  • Abstracts should be prepared with a maximum of 250 words.
  • Fonts used for submission are automatically standardized for all abstracts by the system; it is not possible to use different fonts.
  • The title should be in a style that reveals the content of the study. Except for words in a lowercase with a particular meaning such as such as pH or NaCl, all words should be written in capital letters in the title of the abstract.
  • In the text, other than international units and the chemical symbol; full meaning of any abbreviation must be written in a parenthesis right after the use of an abbreviation.
  • The abstracts submitted via internet shall be published without any corrections; therefore the authors should be careful about spelling mistakes.
  • For all charts / pictures, titles must be specified and the table / pictures must be referred within the text of the abstract.
  • The names and surnames of the authors should be filled in according to their working order; the "presenting" box on the left of the name of the person who will present the abstract must be marked.
  • The names and addresses of the institutions of the authors must be specified.
  • Make sure that the contact information of the person who will present the abstract is correct.
  • If there are more than 13 authors in your abstract, you can send the author and institution information together with abstract number to opteamist@istanbulebelikgunleri2018.com.


The awards will be categorized as Oral, E-poster and Distinguished Midwife.
The evaluation will be on abstracts having original research features.
The Case and Review asbtracts will not be considered in evaluations.
The award winning abstracts will be announced at the Closing Ceremony.


  • Please keep the confirmation mail sent to your e-mail address following the abstract submission.
  • You can track the evaluation process of your abstract over the system by using your e-mail and password.
  • Submitted abstracts will be evaluated via the online system and the evaluation result will be sent to your e-mail address defined in the system.

Abstract Evaluation

  • The evaluation will be made by the Abstract Review Committee via internet, keeping the name / surnames and institutions of the researchers confidential.
  • After signing-up, the explanations on the page will guide you. Please, read the messages and explanations carefully.
  • At least one of the researchers must complete the registration at the congress for abstracts to be included into the congress booklet. The outcome of the evaluation will be sent as a letter to the abstract holder.
  • The Scientific Committee has the right to decide on the abstract types as oral and e-poster presentations.