Dear Participants,

On behalf of the organizing committee, we are honored to invite you to the 1st International, 2nd National Istanbul Midwifery Days Congress which will be held on 26-27-28 April 2018 at Istanbul Medipol University with the theme of "Specialization Training for Midwives, a Healthy Step for Life".

171-year history of midwifery in our country is based on the philosophy of protecting the health of the community.  From a holistic perspective on life, pregnancy and giving birth are obviously the most important periods. Supervision of this important period by the specialist midwives is a valuable step in raising qualified future generations. The training of these specialist midwives will only be possible if the education and practice areas work together. Midwifery education and practices planned jointly will clearly have a much faster and bigger contribution on community health. With this thought in mind our organization managed to bring the midwifery department of health and education institutions together in İstanbul. The congress organization is composed of 8 universities, 8 hospitals in İstanbul and the Association of Midwives.
Our purpose is bringing the institutions which contributed a lot to midwifery profession together on a common platform in İstanbul so that resources can be managed in a rational way. It is considered as a very important step for these institutions raising potential candidates for  profession to act hand in hand, generating an added value  for today’s and future’s midwives. This step therefore, conveys an important massage of producing in unity for all the midwives at service for education or practice.
The congress content was created with the understanding of raising and empowering today’s and future’s midwives.  With this understanding; sessions on topics such as the current status of midwifery education and its implementation, changes in the role and responsibilities of midwives, impact of information and technology on midwifery, new topics and concepts in midwifery, midwifery perspectives of different professionals and support of midwifery practices with scientific evidence are planned. For this purpose, we adopted a multidisciplinary approach while designing our congress program. In this regard, our congress is not limited only to abstracts on midwifery profession, but has opened doors to all health professionals with the appropriate congress themes. Another important characteristic of congress is that it is open to the participation of midwifery students. With this aspect, candidates of the congress will share the same environment with their colleagues for learning purposes.

We sincerely wish to welcome you to our 1st International, 2nd National İstanbul Midwifery Days Congress, which we plan to share our knowledge and experiences with our colleagues who shaped today and with the candidate midwives who will practice our profession in the future.

Assoc. Prof. Asiye KOCATURKAssoc. Prof. Nuran AYDIN